Printing a Font Catalog

I have 850 in my "fonts folder". However, as a whole, that is not a lot of fonts, but far more than I will ever use or want to. Most users do not realize that it is the operating system that stores and manages fonts, not the applications that use them. This is true of Windows and Macs.

As additional programs are installed, so are fonts which are added to your system. Some programs include a lot of fonts, especially graphics programs. There are even collections of fonts that may install tens of thousands of fonts. When so many fonts are installed, it is possible that performance suffers and the system slows down.

Using the most current operating systems and adding more memory are ways to reduce any system slowdowns. Also using a font management program can reduce the problems. Most of the font management programs allow you to create sets of fonts and use each set as needed, uninstalling the remaining fonts.

I do not use a font manager because I try to limit the fonts installed on my system. I started to look at fonts because a visitor to my website sent me a message asking how to print a list of samples of fonts on his system. Tony's question was, "Is there such a program that will render a print-out of all the fonts on my computer? I want samples of the fonts in a point size I choose. I want them printed one line per font on a standard (or legal size) page."

My Windows 7 computer has a font's folder under C:\Windows. In the folder, there are a bunch of font files, which when opened have the option to print the contents of the font file. However, you would have to do this with each font which produces an individual page per font.

To help Tony, I started searching. There are a lot of font managers, mostly in the $20-$50 range. Most are shareware with a try before you buy. I did not check, but suspect the trial versions limit how many samples can be printed, if they include that feature.

I kept my search to just printing sample pages and found 2 versions of 1 program that look good. Neither version need to be installed, and can be run from a folder or even a thumb drive. FontViewOK and FontViewOK Portable are free and can be downloaded from or

Screen Capture FontViewOK Portable        Sample printed page from FontViewOK Portable
Click on each screen capture above for a larger image.

FonViewOK finds all of the fonts. I couldn't find a difference between the regular and the portable version except for the file size. Settings include the sample size and the text to be used, so the smaller the font size, the more to a page. The fonts are printed in alphabetical order. If you have a lot of fonts, be prepared for some serious printing, but it would make for a nice notebook of samples.

Thanks, Tony! It was a good question.

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